Ostatnia Wieczerza/Last Supper

2020, "Ostatnia Wieczerza - wydarzenie" instalacja malarska. / "Last Supper 2020" - painting installation.

"Last Supper 2020" is a polyptych consisting of 15 paintings - fourteen 30x40 cm and one 40x40 cm. Painted on canvas, mixed technique (acrylic+oil). The whole is assembled on a wooden frame covered with grey linen canvas 120x180 cm.

The centre of the installation is the painting entitled "He". It is the Absolute, showing a balanced Good and Evil. Around "He", on a linen tablecloth with visible traces of supper - stains from spilled red wine and wholemeal bread crumbs, 14 images are set: they present heads forms in various colours associated with my Cenacle and one black canvas with the title "You" as a potential participant of this supper. All the paintings have black backgrounds, only one - Jesus - has gold.

The idea of the painting installation has been developed with reference to Christian, but not only, ethical and cultural values, which arise whenever a multicultural group of people meet to celebrate or exchange views. Such evenings have always taken place since man wanted to share his thoughts and states of mind with fellow men. My supper is a kind of rebus for the viewer and requires concentration and mental freedom.

The installation is to make the viewer aware of the important role that encounters with others play in our lives. With different views, skin colour and experiences, people don't always agree with us. This should not lead to conflicts, but with a high spiritual and intellectual level we should build good relationships and the ability to understand each other.

It was created as part of the scholarship program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage - Culture in the Net.




Andrzej S. Grabowski

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