Vernissage & Finissage "Resharmonica" - photo gallery

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I hope that at the exhibition 'Resharmonica' I showed a different view of painting and the relationship that man builds with himself. For my greatest success I consider the ability to move away from the Cracow school of colourism. The exhibition, at the request of the Museum, could be watched until July 7 this year. Photos from the vernissage / finisaż you can see by clicking here: Muzeum Okręgowe w Tarnowie: ANDRZEJ GRABOWSKI – „RESHARMONICA”.

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I cordially invite you to my two exhibitions in Tarnów. 'Resharmonica' is an exhibition of paintings whose opening and closing will take place on 28 June in the Piwnica Pod Trójką Gallery, District Museum in Tarnów, and 'Recipe for Act' exhibition of graphics and photography - opening on 29 June at Bistro Przepis. See you!

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I invite you to the Vernissage - Finisaż "IMPACT" - the one-evening exhibition of my painting (and not only) and sculptures by Łukasz Krupski, which will take place on 23 March 2019 (Saturday), at Centrum Promocji Kultury, ul. Podskarbińska 2, Warsaw. The vernissage will start at 18:00, the finissage at about 21:00.

During the event, Róża Lorenc (violin) together with Mariusz Lorenc (piano) will perform music specially selected for painting compositions and sculptures.


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