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I would like to express my deep gratitude to Tadeusz and Artur Sawicki, the owners of Savel and the art store - a modern internet platform offering a wide selection of articles for artists. They are giving me a big support and are always ready to help me, both in my artistic education programs and privately.

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My new form of the exhibition: Vernissage & Finissage.

Recent years I have visited many individual exhibitions and I have observed that on the majority of them there are many people only at the vernissage and finissage. Between these events there are days when no one or only very interested individuals come.

Based on this experience I came up with the idea that the vernissage and finissage will take place during one evening. This is how realize my individual exhibitions now.

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I think that eveyone should be learned the reception of art just like we learn the alphabet or the multiplication table.

A person who has not been prepared to receive art does not know how to read a given work or how to understand it. If someone has a sensitivity to beauty, it is based on the emotions that the given work evokes in it. However, one does not know why feels in one way or another, why, for example, reacts to one image and not to another. Such person can not explain or assess whether a given work represents some value or is a coloring book.

That is why I believe that from the early years of life one should associate with art, learn its reception, learn about the source of inspiration, the creative work workshop, and the history of art.


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