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On the FB Album Grafiteka 2019 you can see some photos and on YouTube Grafiteka 2019 a video from Grafiteka 2019 - an exhibition of works of the Grafiteka creative group in which I've been  participated. The vernissage took place on November 3 this year, and the exhibition can be viewed until December 5 (DAP Gallery, Mazowiecka 11a, Warsaw).

Vernissage & Finissage "Resharmonica" - photo gallery

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I hope that at the exhibition 'Resharmonica' I showed a different view of painting and the relationship that man builds with himself. For my greatest success I consider the ability to move away from the Cracow school of colourism. The exhibition, at the request of the Museum, could be watched until July 7 this year. Photos from the vernissage / finisaż you can see by clicking here: Muzeum Okręgowe w Tarnowie: ANDRZEJ GRABOWSKI – „RESHARMONICA”.


Andrzej S. Grabowski


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